Collective knowledge at fingertips
Drive operational smartness and efficiency in all business functions
Memory for Enterprise - Solution Overview
Knowledge at fingertip

Employees spend 30% of their time searching for information. Repetition of mistakes and duplication of work result in more inefficiency and unhappy customers.

Memory for Enterprise is a powerful knowledge base to organize information, easily navigate secured corporate memory, get ignited, and insightfully engage at work.

Why Memory for Enterprise?

1. Work insightfully
Easily harness collective brilliance to get smarter and deliver excellence at work.

2. Shortern employee ramp-up time
Deliver right knowledge at fingertips and bring employees up-to-speed through instant learning.

3. Delight customers
Get empowered with collective knowledge to deliver happiness and delight customers with timely and quality response



1. Easy to use
Have spent enormous amount of time and thinking in designing and improving usability.

2. Secured
Hosted in world-class data center. Dedicated database for each customers and no data mix up.

3. Designed from ground up
Architected and developed from ground up for tomorrow's workplace.

  • Enrich communication & operation
  • HR helpdesk
  • Effective training
  • Technical, domain knowledge library
  • Project knowledge exchange
  • Customer support knowledge base
  • Ignite R&D
  • Workforce compliance mangement
  • Energize BPO



"I am truly impressed with what you have achieved. Building a software product in the KM space which is pragmatic in its design and approach, is not easy. Your KM solution is really well thought out and easy to use and implement. I look forward to many more innovations from you in the years to come."

Mr. Sandeep Dhar
President of Mphasis BPO

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